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Surrogacy Services

San Diego Surrogacy Services

Take the Next Step after Finding an Egg Donor

Once you have your egg donor, you may also be in need of a gestational surrogate. To assist our patients with this step, we work with some of the best surrogacy agencies in Southern California. All of our surrogate candidates come with complete medical qualifications, education on the frozen embryo transfer cycle, and have examined for initial pregnancy success by experienced Ob/Gyn.

It is difficult entrusting another to carry your baby through pregnancy, which is why our guidelines for selecting surrogates are above average. We want our patients to be certain that their surrogate is trustworthy and will have very little risk of complication during the birthing process.

There are numerous factors you may want to consider when deciding on a surrogate:

  • Physical health and medical history
  • Diet and lifestyle habits—will they be able to take excellent care of the fetus during the pregnancy?
  • Willingness to follow your guidelines – are they open to making changes in routine while carrying the baby?
  • Are there people who live with the surrogate that will be able to assist them during the pregnancy?
  • Is the surrogate’s current living environment safe for a developing fetus?
  • The surrogate’s ability to reach a medical facility quickly if necessary
  • The surrogate’s reason for performing this service

From our Donors and Intended Parents

I did 6 times of egg donation and the last 2 times were done at Asian Egg Bank - Hanabusa IVF. They were absolutely the best clinic/bank ever. Even though English isn’t my first language, they supported and did the best care of myself not only physically but also mentally all the time. Dr. Chang was such a sweet, wonderful doctor, and staffs there were so friendly and professional, so I was always relaxed with relief during my stay in San Diego. I strongly recommend this place for whom to do it for the first time with nerve. Thinking of the next donation? Then contact them! You will know why I say so very soon once you go there:)
- D130, Japan