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Can I Have a Relationship with the Child Born from my Donated Eggs?

From movies and music preferences to height and eye color, every woman who walks through our doors is unique. For that reason, we never approach a donation journey with a one-size-fits-all plan.

Typically, women who donate their eggs prefer to stay anonymous; however, there are times when women want to meet the child born from their donated eggs. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that there are a number of things to consider, outside of just the donor’s desires, including:

  • The intended parent’s wishes. Some intended parents don’t want their children to meet their donor.
  • The child’s wishes. Once a child turns 18, they can decide for themselves whether they want to find or meet their donor.
  • The conditions you agreed to upon donation. Donating your eggs is a highly regulated, legal transaction. Because of this, contracts are drawn that can outline any number of measures that the donor, intended parents, and bank must abide to.

Do I have any legal responsibilities to care for the child born from my egg?

When you agree to donate your eggs, you give up all legal rights to the child that will be born from your egg. Even if the child’s intended parents can no longer care for him or her, you are under no obligation to care or provide for them.

Will I have any parental rights to a child born from my egg?

In the eyes of the law, the intended parents are the only legal parents and guardians to a child born from an egg donation. Therefore you will not have any parental rights to the child born.

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