Welcome to Asian Egg Bank

Asian Egg Bank is dedicated to recruiting egg donors of Asian ancestry. Our donor database is comprised of hundreds of donor profiles, and we constantly recruit and cycle egg donors with exceptional qualities. In our quest to build the largest frozen egg bank inventory of Asian egg donors, we have the greatest selection of donors with East Asian heritage: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino etc. Our donors are also available for an exclusive, matched fresh cycle.

The Company

We recognize Asian patients’ difficulties in finding a suitable egg donor. Asian Egg Bank is dedicated to recruiting exceptional Asian egg donors and facilitating donor and surrogacy services for our patients worldwide.

Fresh vs Frozen Cycle

Both frozen and fresh donor egg services are available to patients of Asian Egg Bank. Fresh eggs are immediately fertilized upon retrieval from the donor, whereas frozen eggs are cryogenically preserved and saved until there is a suitable matching couple. Research has shown that frozen eggs have the same rate of yielding a successful pregnancy as fresh eggs and is usually the more cost-effective option, but we continue to offer both options for couples who would prefer the fresh egg cycle experience.

Frozen Egg Bank Advantage

Finding an egg donor through a frozen egg bank comes with numerous advantages. Perhaps most importantly, frozen eggs can be stored for long term, meaning couples can select a donor that matches their criteria during their first visit instead of waiting for a suitable candidate or donor availability. Additionally, frozen eggs are much more cost effective and can be transferred to clinics worldwide.

Become An Egg Donor

Women between the ages 21 and 29 in good physical, mental health and with college education can be candidates for egg donation at our San Diego Egg Donation Agency.

From our Donors and Intended Parents

I did 6 times of egg donation and the last 2 times were done at Asian Egg Bank - Hanabusa IVF. They were absolutely the best clinic/bank ever. Even though English isn’t my first language, they supported and did the best care of myself not only physically but also mentally all the time. Dr. Chang was such a sweet, wonderful doctor, and staffs there were so friendly and professional, so I was always relaxed with relief during my stay in San Diego. I strongly recommend this place for whom to do it for the first time with nerve. Thinking of the next donation? Then contact them! You will know why I say so very soon once you go there:)
- D130, Japan

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