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The Donation Process

San Diego Egg Donation

Asian Egg Bank’s 5 Step Donation Process:

  1. Application – Complete an online application including an extensive questionnaire about your personality, medical, and family history.
  2. Donor Database Listing – After completing a Zoom call and submitting photos and videos, we will upload your profile to our egg donor database!
  3. Medical Screening – This includes genetic and psychological screening, hormone testing, and a sonogram. This process may take over a month or so to complete.
  4. Undergoing Treatment- Fertility drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries to grow several eggs at once. (See additional detailed chart)
  5. Collecting the Eggs- You will be asleep for a 15-20 minute procedure called an Egg Retrieval.

For more information about egg donation, check out our Egg Donor FAQ or contact us directly.