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Matching Process

Parent/Donor Fertility Matching in San Diego

Intended parents usually have at least a vague idea of what they are looking for in an egg donor when they start looking. We help make this process easier by assisting patients in finding a donor that meets their needs. Asian Egg Bank offers the largest selection of Asian egg donors in the world, which can make browsing through all the options somewhat intimidating. By telling us the kinds of things you want to see in a donor, we can browse through our catalog for you and create a list of options that most closely meet your criteria.

All of Our Donors Undergo Rigorous Screening

Although many donors choose to remain anonymous, they are still required to provide us with relevant medical information and other factors that help us match them with a patient. We also strongly encourage donors to provide pictures of themselves as both children and adults to give intended parents a visual image. We also request donors to create a short selfie video to introduce themselves to intended parents, which is greatly helps intended parents during the matching process.

Some of the factors that may influence a match include:

  • Donor’s medical history
  • Results of donor’s mental health assessment
  • Personal hobbies and talents of donor
  • Donor’s athletic ability
  • Whether or not the donor has successfully gotten pregnant in the past
  • Whether or not a donor has donated eggs that were receptive to a successful pregnancy

If you wish to meet the egg donor, we can send a request to the donor on your behalf. Donors are not required to meet with intended parents and this meeting can only move forward if both parties consent. Once a decision has been made, legal forms will be sent to both parties for review and we can start moving on to the next steps.

Comprehensive Egg Donor Screening and Evaluation

At Asian Egg Bank, our team of physicians, fertility specialists, psychologists and genetic counselors carefully reviews an egg donor’s individual and family histories to ensure that each donor is exceptional according to our highly selective standards.

Each donor undergoes an extensive medical evaluation that includes blood tests, infectious disease testing, a urine drug screening, an ultrasound analysis, and genetic testing. We also conduct a rigorous psychological assessment.

As per FDA guidelines, donors are initially screened for infectious diseases, and undergo infectious disease testing again 30 days prior to egg retrieval. In addition, donors are tested for reproductive hormone levels in order to evaluate their ovarian reserve. The genetic screening includes 420+ genetic abnormalities.

If these test results are normal, egg donors undergo a thorough psychological evaluation with a licensed professional to assess their mental health.