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Helpful Information for Egg Donors

Women between the ages of 21 and 29 in good physical and mental health, and college-educated can be candidates for egg donation at our San Diego Egg Donation Center. On the following pages, you can review our qualification process, donation options, and the various advantages you get by donating through Asian Egg Bank.

AEB’s 5 Step Donation Process

Step 1


Online application including an extensive questionnaire about your personality, medical, and family history.

Step 2

Donor Database Listing

After completing a Zoom call and submitting photos and videos, we will upload your profile to the database!

Step 3

Medical Screening

This includes genetic and psychological screening, hormone testing, and a sonogram. This process may take over a month or so to complete.

Step 4

Undergoing Treatment

Fertility drugs are used to stimulate the ovary to grow several eggs at once.

Step 5

Collecting The Eggs

You will be asleep for a 15-20 minute procedure called an Egg Retrieval.

From Our Donors and Intended Parents