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Asian Egg Bank Advantage

High Quality Asian Egg Bank in San Diego

Fertility services are a large investment, and you deserve to get your money’s worth. At Asian Egg Bank, we offer several advantages that separate our services from other egg banks in the United States. Through rigorous screening, impeccable lab standards, and a commitment to fulfilling the need for Asian egg donations in the United States, we offer our clients a much needed service designed to increase chances of a successful pregnancy and save intended parents time and money.

The AEB Advantage:

  • We offer frozen eggs, which means: No waiting, reduced cost, guaranteed number mature eggs, no synchronization required
  • Above average recruiting, screening, and testing requirements
  • All staff speaks Chinese Mandarin, Japanese in all departments (lab, nurses, admin)
  • We can arrange travel and visas for intended parents to travel to our center
  • We can receive frozen sperm from numerous locations throughout Asia
  • Intended parents can select embryos based on a preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and gender preferences
  • We use one team and one laboratory to ensure consistent high quality throughout frozen egg pages
  • We are the world’s largest Asian egg bank and offer the largest selection of Asian egg donors