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Authorized Centers (AC)

We are committed to offering a blastocyst guarantee to all of our clients. We are continuously expanding our Authorize Center (AC) network with well-established laboratories.

Asian Egg Bank does not require laboratories to complete an onsite training to receive frozen eggs from our bank unless it’s requested by the embryologist. However, we do verify the overall performance of the laboratories, their proficiency in vitrification techniques in a detailed questionnaire. Also, authorized embryologists must follow our online video instruction about our warming technique.

Once the laboratory becomes an AC, we will track the performance of each approved embryologist to make sure there is no shift in performance. Our Authorize Partnership Center network is growing bigger day by day.

Our Requirements for Ongoing Collaboration and Conditions to Provide Guarantee of Good Embryo:

  1. Each embryologist should review Warming Video Instruction provided by AEB
  2. Each authorized embryologist should strictly adhere to our warming protocol
  3. Record the name and title of the person receiving and handling the frozen oocytes
  4. Document the weight of the shipping tank upon receiving
  5. Keep AEB up to date on the embryologist in your lab who are authorized to warm frozen oocytes
  6. Maintain documentation of each embryologists’ warming performance and blastocyst development for AEB warming
  7. Performing ICSI on all frozen oocytes from AEB, exactly 2 hours after warming (time of warming and ICSI should documented)
  8. Submitting to AEB pictures of the recovered oocytes and created embryos prior to freezing
    or transferring. Add pictures of any poor-quality blastocyst that is discarded.
  9. Submit the outcome for each batch of eggs:
    • Oocyte recovery
    • Fertilization
    • Blastocyst formation
    • Any PGT-a info (if applicable)
    • Clinical pregnancy
    • Ongoing pregnancy
    • Live birth
    • Infant’s basic info