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  • They were absolutely the best clinic/bank ever. Featured, Donor

    I did 6 times of egg donation and the last 2 times were done at Asian Egg Bank - Hanabusa IVF. They were absolutely the best clinic/bank ever. Even though English isn’t my first language, they supported and did the best care of myself not only physically but also mentally all the time. Dr. Chang was such a sweet, wonderful doctor, and staffs there were so friendly and professional, so I was always relaxed with relief during my stay in San Diego. I strongly recommend this place for whom to do it for the first time with nerve. Thinking of the next donation? Then contact them! You will know why I say so very soon once you go there:)

    - D130/Japan
  • I was happy that I could help people in need. Featured, Donor

    I have had an opportunity to do my first donation with Asian Egg Bank back in 2014. Everything went very smoothly.

    I was happy that I could help people in need. Jay and all staffs were very compassionate and nice. They were always there for me. Although it was my first-time donation, I could do well thanks to the staffs’ support and help.

    I actually enjoyed the time that I went through several screen processes. It was something new, and I learned many things as well. After my egg retrieval, one of the staffs at Asian Egg Bank was with me to make sure that I was okay. I really appreciate all the support and help. I have had a great experience with them.

    Again, thanks a lot.

    - O.K., Egg Donor, Age: 25
  • What I most like is that the process went quickly and smoothly Featured, Donor

    I just finished 2nd egg donation cycle with Asian Egg Bank. What I most like is that the process went quickly and smoothly.

    Everything was well planned from the beginning to the end. Regardless of place or time, I could get all the help I needed. The staff responded to all my questions and requests. There was a translator for me, so it was much easier for me to go through whole process with no problems.

    Thank you so much for all your support.

    - M.J., Egg Donor, Age: 22
  • Staff at the company have been so helpful. Featured, Donor

    It has been 3 years since I have come to Asian Egg Bank to have a consultation. Since that time, I have donated three times through Asian Egg Bank.

    Staff at the company have been so helpful. They have tried to respond all my demands and always took care of me to make sure everything was okay for me.

    So far, everything has been well. I love to do another cycle with Asian Egg Bank. I love staffs there. I also wish all my recipients have a good

    I also wish all my recipients have a good family:-)

    - S.J, Egg Donor, Age: 28
  • They are very upfront about what they are doing. Featured, Donor

    I have done four egg donations, two of which were with Hanabusa IVF and the most recent was through Asian Egg Bank. That are INCREDIBLE. Seriously!

    My first two donations were through another agency, and while they were very kind and accommodating, recovery time was a few days. With Asian Egg Bank, everyone I worked with went above and beyond to make my experience the best I could have imagined. My and Peter made me feel as if I was their top priority. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time, they were available 24/7 with any questions or concerns, and they were extremely respectful of my personal life – something I feel other agencies put at the bottom of their priorities. Each time I came in, everyone greeted me by my first name and asked how I was feeling. They allowed my friend (and designated driver for retrieval day) to come in for my ultrasounds so she could see the eggs too, which is a really cool experience to understand what goes on in our bodies as women, and how fertility meds affect them.

    I am not sure if Asian Egg Bank works exclusively with Hanabusa IVF, but my recovery was so much smoother with them. The procedure itself required a deep sleep anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, and about an hour after surgery I felt great. I would definitely take the day of and maybe the day after to take it easy and rest as much as possible, but I had surgery on Monday, flew home to the East Coast on Tuesday, and went back to work on Wednesday (working with very young children for ten hours a day.)

    Asian Egg Bank will answer any and every question you have. They are very upfront about what they are doing, they genuinely care, and they really go above and beyond to make the experience a wonderful one. I’ve read some horror stories from donors around the world, and I guarantee you will never have one with Asian Egg Bank. They are more than accommodating, so don’t ever hesitate to ask about something. They will take care of you!

    Also, Hanabusa IVF has an incredible waiting room. They always offer waters and gatorades (hydrate if you are donating!) and there’s usually some kind of snack available at all times. After my ER, I got a bag of gatorades, water bottles, and candies. It wasn’t necessary, but it made me feel loved and cared for…and I definitely enjoyed the gatorade!”

    Thank you! You really did make this experience such a wonderful one.

    - J.C., Egg Donor D-162
  • Everything you will experience in the future will be worth it.

    It was a chaotic night; my fertility issues tortured me to the point that I could not sleep. I can’t see the future, can’t see the hope. The night took my heart, and together it sunk. Suddenly, I remembered what my friend said, and I started looking online for resources in California.

    To my surprise, I didn’t think that in one search there would be these many results. Suddenly, I felt my spirit coming back. I continued to search online for excerpts to compare. Then, I looked for clues online to find real feedback and comments.

    The first thing that attracted me was the Asian Egg Bank’s abundant online resources. I called the clinic the next day, during their working hours, with the mentality of trying it out. A nurse named Daphne received my call, and since that call, it opened my mind for me to realize my dreams.

    After so many years of failure and pain, even my failures have gradually grown accustomed to it. Only my pain, like little ants, bite at my fragile heart every day. Like a storm, it erodes the shores of hope every day.

    But since the moment I had decided to work together with Asian Egg Bank, in addition to hope and professional services, they have given us warmth.

    This warmth is extremely precious; this is the fire that melts the ice; the light of the night; the help to move forward.

    I’m grateful for the clinic, Nurse Daphne, Xin, Vivian and Dr. Chang. Thank you to all the people who have walked into my life.

    “God will only give you a test that you can survive” - “Benevolent Medicine”

    I want to use my experience to encourage and help all prospective parents who desire children.

    Everything you will experience in the future will be worth it.

    All the effort and hard work, when you see your children’s innocent eyes, all of it can turn into a sweet smile, which can reflect the light of our soul.

    Bless all prospective parents, and I wish that your dreams come true.

    - J.L., Intended Parent