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Can I Fertilize a Donor Egg with Donor Sperm?

Bringing a child into the world is something many people dream about, but achieving that dream is not always easy. There are many reasons why it might be difficult to conceive, including infertility, being a same-sex couple, or being single.

Individuals and couples often turn to fertility specialists to help them achieve their goal of becoming parents. What many don’t realize is that it’s often necessary to use both a donor egg and donor sperm to conceive a child.

How Egg Donation Works

Egg donation is a relatively in-depth process that requires good health from both the woman donating the egg and the intended mother. During the egg donation process, both the donor and the recipient receive medications that prepare their bodies for the delicate transfer process.

Once eggs are successfully retrieved from the donor, they are fertilized with either the recipient partner’s sperm or donor sperm.

The Success Rate Of Using A Donor For Both Eggs And Sperm

Using both a donor egg and donor sperm does not decrease a recipient’s chances of carrying a pregnancy to term. As long as both the egg and sperm are viable and the recipient has undergone the appropriate procedures to prepare her uterus for transfer, the success rate of using donations for both is the same as using a donor egg and the recipient partner’s sperm.

We believe every individual or couple who has the desire to welcome a child into the world should be given that opportunity. That’s why we work diligently to provide the best possible donation process for all of our donors and recipients.

Why Egg And Sperm Donation Might Be Right For You

Whether you’re a single woman looking to become a mother, a same-sex couple who wishes to expand their family, or a heterosexual couple struggling with infertility, utilizing donated eggs and sperm is an excellent option. At Asian Egg Bank, we understand how frustrating infertility challenges can be, which is why we work hard to ease any worries you may have.

Asian Egg Bank was established to meet the ever-rising demand for Asian egg donors. Having helped hundreds of couples experience the joy of parenthood, we’re proud to be the world’s largest Asian Egg Bank!

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