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Popular Myths About Frozen Donor Eggs

The topic of egg freezing has never been more popular than it is right now, with some companies even offering to pay for the process for female employees. While women knowing all of their options to conceive is certainly a good thing, not all of the information you hear on TV or read in the news is accurate.

Myth #1: Frozen egg donation is a new process.

With thousands of children being born through frozen egg donation each year, the odds of you knowing someone who has undergone the process are higher than you think. But unfortunately, egg donation remains a widely secretive process, with many people opting not to tell others about their decision.

It’s for this reason that egg donation seems less popular than it really is. According to data from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, in 2015, one in five women using donor eggs chose frozen eggs. Since then, that number has increased to about two in five.

Myth #2: Frozen eggs aren’t as healthy as fresh eggs.

The idea that frozen eggs aren’t as healthy as fresh eggs comes from our knowledge of food. Moreso than ever, we hear that fresh food is far healthier than frozen meals. While that is true when it comes to food shopping, it has no standing in the world of egg donation. The words “frozen” and “fresh” have nothing to do with the egg’s health, rather they just note when the egg was retrieved. Both options are safe for the donor and can produce healthy babies.

Myth #3: Fresh eggs have a higher rate of conception.

This belief builds on the (incorrect) idea that fresh eggs are healthier, and therefore more likely to become a baby. Once again, this has been proven false numerous times — fresh and frozen egg cycles have virtually the same conception rates.

Myth 4: The more recently it was frozen, the healthier the egg is.

Couples often ask for “recently frozen” eggs, thinking those are the freshest and therefore healthiest. Thanks to modern technology and the flash-frozen process (which eliminates the possibility of ice crystals forming on the egg), we’re happy to say that whether the egg was frozen last week or last year, they’re all equally viable.

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