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The Asian Egg Bank Advantage

It’s one of the most difficult decisions a couple struggling to conceive can make — which fertility service to choose. At Asian Egg Bank, we understand that this is not a decision someone should make lightly or quickly.

The Asian Egg Bank Advantage

Fertility services are a substantial investment and we believe you deserve to get your money’s worth. At Asian Egg Bank, we offer services you won’t find at other egg banks.

We offer both fresh and frozen eggs.

Because intended parents can choose from a bank of frozen eggs, we’re able to reduce overall costs, begin the process almost immediately, guarantee a certain number of mature eggs, and forgo the synchronization process.

Above average recruiting.

Our donation process is highly regulated, as we require every donor to fill out a brief questionnaire about their physical, mental, and sexual health, as well as basic personal information. If they appear healthy and well, they’re then asked to fill out a more detailed application. We also conduct interviews, and other testing, to ensure their answers were truthful.

We’re able to receive frozen sperm from anywhere

If you’re interested in using our laboratory for inseminating frozen donor eggs, we can arrange for frozen sperm to be sent to our lab from any other IVF centers, even from Asia, and used for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Intended parents can select embryos based on health and preferences.

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) allows us to determine if cells in an embryo contain the correct number of chromosomes (46) and are otherwise healthy. And because we can the sex of an embryo before it’s implanted, parents can choose to only use embryos with their preferred gender.

We use one team and one laboratory.

In order to provide the highest quality services, we only use one team and one laboratory — this allows us to oversee and control every aspect of the process and deliver reliable success rate from case to case

We offer the largest selection of Asian egg donors.

Asian Egg Bank was established to meet the ever-rising demand for Asian egg donors. Having helped hundreds of couples experience the joy of parenthood, we’re proud to be the world’s largest Asian Egg Bank!

Give us a call at 858-381-3224 or visit us online for more information!