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The Convenience of a Frozen Egg Cycle

Until recently, fresh eggs were the most prevalent method for egg donations. However, recent advances in the way eggs are frozen, stored, and thawed have made frozen egg donation a viable and safe choice for many intended parents.

Fresh vs Frozen

Labeling eggs “fresh” or “frozen” has nothing to do with the egg’s health but, rather, when it was retrieved.

If you choose to be a fresh egg donor, you won’t start IVF medication until you are chosen by a couple — a process that can take several months. Once you’re chosen, then your cycle would be matched with the cycle of the intended mother.

Frozen egg donations work a bit differently. Instead of waiting to be matched with a couple, you can donate your eggs right after your application is approved. Your eggs are then stored in a bank that intended couples can choose from.

Why More People are Choosing Frozen Eggs

It’s more convenient.

For both the donor and the intended parents, frozen egg donation is generally a more convenient option because you don’t have to match both women’s cycles or plan around two (or three) people’s schedules.

It’s perfectly safe.

Donated eggs are treated like organs by the FDA, meaning eggs themselves (and the retrieval process) are highly regulated. Children have been born from frozen donations for decades. Years of research have proved that frozen egg donation is safe for everyone involved.

Your chances of conception are just as high.

The idea that fresh eggs are more likely to attach to the uterine wall and develop into a baby has long been disproven. For many years, we’ve seen similar rates of success with both fresh and frozen eggs.

It’s more cost effective for intended parents.

Because the process of gathering and storing frozen eggs is less extensive than the fresh egg donation process, it’s typically less expensive. It also requires couples to travel fewer times, which cuts down on hotel and transportation costs.

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