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Will Donating my Eggs Affect my Everyday Life?

If you’re considering donating your eggs, you probably have a number of questions running through your mind. And one of the most common questions we’ve received in our years of work is, “how will donating my eggs impact my everyday life?”

The decision to donate your eggs is a serious one, so it’s important to consider everything from safety to convenience.

Donating and Your Everyday Life

Once you’re approved to donate and contracts have been signed, the entire process is actually relatively quick. Though the exact dosage and frequency will be determined by our fertility specialists, we typically ask women to inject themselves with hormones once a day, for 10 days.

While on the medication, you may be asked to attend a few appointments or check in with your specialist over the phone. In addition to these appointments, we ask all donors to refrain from sexual activity and drinking alcohol of any kind.

While you may have to make a few sacrifices during this period, most donors are able to go about their day as normal.

Is Donating Your Eggs Safe?

From hormone therapy to egg retrieval, every aspect of the egg donation process is safe and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA treats donated eggs just like any other body part, meaning we follow strict guidelines designed to keep every party involved safe and maximize the chances of fertilization.

Most importantly, we’ve found that there are no long-term risks associated with donating your eggs. Those in the medical field unanimously agree that the medications used to promote egg growth and the retrieval procedure are safe and carry no long-term risks to your overall health or fertility.

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