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Will My Baby Look Like Me if I Use a Donor Egg?

Advancements in science have brought many amazing opportunities to people facing infertility problems of all sorts. Surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, donor eggs, and many other techniques can all be used to help people start a family.

But despite the fact that it’s easier than ever for those suffering from infertility to become parents, there are still some challenges intended parents should understand — particularly that a child born from a donor egg may not look like their intended mother.

The Genetics of a Donor Egg

Because a donor egg won’t share any of its genes with its intended mother, there’s a chance the baby will not resemble its mother. However, if her partner’s sperm was used, the baby may look like its father because they share the same genetics.

That being said, it’s important for couples to understand that nothing is definitive — giving birth to a child naturally doesn’t ensure they look like you and using a donor egg doesn’t automatically mean your child won’t resemble you at all. Particularly if you and the donor are the same ethnicity, there’s a strong chance the baby will still resemble you.

We understand that parents naturally have a desire to raise a child that looks like them, however genes don’t make a family. Even if your child doesn’t look like you, that doesn’t make them any less your baby.

Traits and Mannerisms

Physically, your child may not resemble you, but they may still adopt your mannerisms, facial expressions, and humor. When it comes to their interests, talents, and traits, genes are not the sole deciding factor. Environment and exposure also play a major role during development, giving you more similarities in the future than just hair and eye color.

Bonding With Your New Little One

Whether you’re adopting, using a surrogate, using a donor egg, or giving birth naturally, most every parent worries about bonding with their new child. If you’re struggling to connect with your little one, you may want to consider:

  • Looking into the baby’s eyes.
  • Sleeping with the baby.
  • Listening to the baby’s heartbeat.
  • Responding to the baby’s crying.

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